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Pull planning is one of the most proven and valued lean management techniques for keeping projects on track.  Most contractors are familiar with the use of color-coded sticky notes that represent tasks on the wall in the job trailer.  Trades have come to recognize their color notes on the wall and are accepting the responsibility to get the work according to the collaborative planning process. It’s an effective method that promotes conversation and resolution among trade performers.

But what happens when everyone leaves the trailer? The inherently manual practice of pull planning doesn’t facilitate sharing or the assignment of action items. Most project teams have no way to track and manage those tasks while in the field.

That’s why J.E. Dunn is taking the conventional paper-driven pull-planning process to the next level on the Trimble Building Two project with help from Trimble LeanSight, a collaborative planning tool for jobsites.

Built with a plan, communicate and improve framework, LeanSight is a tool that lets superintendents and project managers digitize the outcome of a collaborative session and make it actionable. Once created, the plan is activated onto the mobile app with a field-first design and is used to inform everyone about responsibilities and commitments.  

JE Dunn’s Daniel Bickhard refers to tasks created in LeanSight, to keep all stakeholders on the same page.


Josh Daniel, J.E. Dunn’s Senior Project Manager for Building Structural Components on the Phase II project, says, “It’s been very useful for communicating and tracking identified activities. I’ve already used the app to help identify rough-in dates for slab on grade and I’m excited to see the value it can provide as this project moves along.”

LeanSight is free for all trade partners. It is expected to save considerable time communicating progress and facilitating successful handoffs that reduce the chance of delays against critical milestones.  As well, J.E. Dunn will be able to use the LeanSight data to analyze project performance and learn from completed work.