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A large building project calls for a meastro’s touch in orchestration of labor, equipment and materials. To manage the workforce component JE Dunn employs Trimble CrewSight, an automated jobsite-management system designed to improve visibility into labor costs on building construction projects.  With Trimble CrewSight, superintendents have the ability to clearly see and analyze the actual hours crews are on site, what zones of the site crews are working and ensure that everyone on site has proper clearance to be there.

Tools like CrewSight provide the real-time updates for the project management team and also provide safety managers with the confidence of knowing exactly who is on site at any given time, what safety clearances each team member has and the ability to track that everyone is safe in the case of an emergency muster.

Bluetooth tags on the crews’ hard hats provide instant updates. With the Trimble CrewSight app on smartphones and in the office, the folks that need the info can get it fast.