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The team is putting mixed reality to use on site to better understand progress of the project. Two recent innovations are making it easy for a range of users to access mixed reality. First is Trimble’s hardhat solution for Microsoft Hololens. Second is Trimble Connect for Hololens.

More and more teams in the office are using 3D holograms for visualizing spaces and elevations in the office and sharing with owners and other stakeholders to make sure everyone is on the same page. But something magic happens when you can bring the technology out to the field where the work is getting done. In our case, we used the technology to match up the future MEP installations in the actual, physical workspace where the systems were to be installed. In this way, we could ensure that there were no clashes between work planned versus work complete.

Trimble Connect for Hololens is another important element to making mixed reality more accessible to more workers on site. One of the major advancements is the simplified alignment workflow. With Plane-to-Plane alignment, users easily match the physical space to the model, then the digital information aligns perfectly with the existing structure.

What’s the value? Well, on a routine trip around the 3rd floor, we actually did find a clash between mechanical and electrical systems. When discovered, the engineers were notified and the issue was resolved before the installation began. Days and dollars saved again to keep the project ahead of schedule.