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Project Live Stream

Celebrating Construction Appreciation Week

Hard to believe it's been just over a year since starting this project. Today, the building is nearly ready for the first wave of employees to move in. In the spirit of Construction Appreciation Week, we decided to surprise the crew with some breakfast treats...

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Understanding the Concrete Logistics

Getting prepared Ready Mix to a worksite is a lot trickier than it sounds. Unexpected traffic conditions can slow delivery and surprises on site can slow the demand for material. An error on either side can result in a load of product wasted and a potential for huge...

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Mixed Reality in the Field

The team is putting mixed reality to use on site to better understand progress of the project. Two recent innovations are making it easy for a range of users to access mixed reality. First is Trimble's hardhat solution for Microsoft Hololens. Second is Trimble Connect...

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Keeping Track of the Project Team

Safety is central to daily operation of JE Dunn's team. In this video, Matt Ogle, Safety Manager explains how Trimble CrewSight is helping to manage the project and work crews, as well as ensure rapid response when there is an incident that needs fast attention.

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Placing the Underground Electrical

Encore Electric was on site using the Trimble RTS873 total station and Trimble Field Link to quickly layout and mark locations for underground electric service. Sometimes called "stub-ups", these locations are where the conduit pipe comes up through the ground or...

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Celebrating the Final Beam

On big construction projects, it's tradition to commemorate the placement of the final beam in a Topping-Out ceremony. We're not about to break this tradition because it's associated with good luck! Over 100 members of the extended team got together to recognize the...

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Workforce Management Keeps Projects on Track

A large building project calls for a meastro's touch in orchestration of labor, equipment and materials. To manage the workforce component JE Dunn employs Trimble CrewSight, an automated jobsite-management system designed to improve visibility into labor costs on...

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Bring on the Steel

The steel work started on the site just 5 hours ago. In other words, when we came to work today, there was no steel in place. Now, thanks to a precise structural model and offsite fabrication, the team is moving fast. To get a project moving this fast, it requires...

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Latest Renderings

Thanks to Oz Architecture for a beautiful new set of renderings of the space between Buildings One and Two. Plenty of outdoor space for relaxation and collaboration. A covered "Connector" between the buildings and multi-use Pavilion area aims to keep the whole team...

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